Bordel de Jaimendes (Brésil)

Bordel de Jaimendes (Brésil)
Artiste :
Matériaux : Huile
Support : Toile
Format : 90 x 80 cm -- Moyen
Style : Figuratif
Prix : 50 000 Dirhams -- 20 001 DH à 80 000 DH
Conversion : 4347.83 €
Référence : Ref.1711 as-td
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Jaimendes was born on September 9, 1939 in Criciuma, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. He studies at the São Leopoldo Boarding School. At a very young age, Jaimendes discovered that the loved to draw and he recived all the prizes that were awarded in the categories of drawing and painting. He completed his college studies in Rio de Janeiro in graphic design in which he excelled. He succeeded in the field of graphic design at the various advertising firms where he worked in Rio and São Paulo.

Atellier Gian Franco-Roneca 1983

Casa de Portugal 1984

Hotel Othon Palace (Rio de Janeiro)1984

Hotel Nacional (Rio de Janeiro)1984

Galerias de Arte Borghese (Rio de Janeiro) 1985

Collections in Miami and London 1986 -1988

Hotel Intercontinental (Miami) 1993 -1998

Hotel Carlton (Cannes) 1996 - 1998

Art International (Miami) 1998

Art International (London) 1999

Galerie D'Art Bella (Milan) 1999

Contemporary Art Festival (Spain) 1999

Contemporary Art Festival (Cannes) 1999

Contemporary Art Festival (Milan)

Galeria Nova Imagem (Lisboa)